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can someone give me some advice about my hair?

I have tried many things and looked in lots of places to help resolve my hair issue. My hair at the front of my face, where I part it, is about 75% nappy around the edges. But the difference is that some parts have small curls while the other is just extremely frizzy. The other part of my hair seems normally curly to me with medium sized curls. My mom has relaxed my hair stating that it is bad hair but I can see that the relaxer is just messing up my real hair and wish to.not relax it anymore. So I started trying to get my curls back by buying curl shampoo which worked but only on the half bottom of my head while the rest is wavy( my relaxed hair) so I would like to know a solution that can help me with my hair so I won’t have to relax it any longer. Oh also, on the side of my edges, my hair grows as good hair that is stuck on my face but then goes into small curls, the top hair just grows out frizzy.